Johnny Malnutrition (xihateskatriox) wrote in phillyxsceene,
Johnny Malnutrition

house available in philly (x-posted)

So, my roommates and i are moving out of our house on the illustrious Rodman street, (13th and rodman to be exact), and we are looking for people who would like to move in. It's a two bedroom full house with a loft, about two blocks away from school, perfect for three people. The loft is on the third floor of the house along with the second bedroom, i've lived there with my roommate all year and gotten along with no problem. the rent is 1650 a month, the landlord is nice, the location is awesome, etc. you'll be responsible for all utilities except water. Lease starts August 1st.

if anyone is interested, reply here or email me at

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